Every year the women of New York leave the past behind to look forward to the future. This is known as New York fashion week. I’ll start off by stealing these well spoken words by Carrie Bradshaw that captured the essence of Fashion Week in NY. It is true that during and after NYFW you won’t be the same person you were months ago. The streets are so filled with excitement, daring choices, new or retouched ideas that every little details will inspire you. You will either go on a shopping spree or rethink about your personal style.

While some people impatiently await for the runway of the moguls in the fashion industry to be filled with the latest trends, I personally love to pay close attention to the new comers who always unveil a less or more refreshing recycled looks (let’s not forget that fashion is all about the what was twisted with the what is now) Now let’s talk about those fall/winter collections…shall we darlings?

1-Inspired by traditional Chinese Lolita fashion, (I was amazed by the way to see at the venue so many people who had expressed themselves in this style) designer Fan Shuminand for her fall/winter16 collection; Soufflesong had taken us back to the medieval era with her inspired victorian creations.

2-Sabina Yusupova, brooklyn-based designer of Di Yusupoff had us in awed from the beginning until the end of her show. From the feathers, the geometrical cut, her take on the bell bottom dress, the contemporary ready-to-wear to the formal gowns, indeed captivated the attention.  Also Can we talk about about that lush feather dress?! I’ve had the impression of witnessing Cher Horowitz  walking down the runway.


3- Eva Xu at All Comes From Nothing on the runway reminded us with this collection that simplicity sometimes is the best and the importance of basics in one’s closet. But mostly how of a show stopper well-cut and geometry details accentuate a piece of cloth. The minimalism vibe created a fashion statement that look so sophisticated, it will make you think of the endless options à la portée when styling an outfit.

4- Every year at fashion week futuristic art looks are always featured on the runway grotesquely as haute couture; either it’s at a new comer show or a pioneer. Which of course we consider red-carpet ready as seen before on Lady Gaga or museum worthy. However during Acid NYC show, I’ve seen futuristic looks like never before, as casual! Bodycon dresses and textured jackets were among the collection as well. From the moment the models entered the room until they exited, I had my eyes pierced on the exaggerated chunky knit wear. They were so unique and extravaganza that I had to stand up to applause the designer at the end of the show.

5- The spectrum in taste for this collection was nowhere to decline in numbers. Intrepid by AO’C put up a spectacular show that featured office looks, formal gowns, and casual chic pieces. Although the transition from one style to another was extremely noticeable, however they were equally all breathtaking.

6- Laces, geomotric prints, mini-skirt, and minimalism vibe! The 60s were brought back by Minan Wong! In an era where women rely on their revealing attires to feel sexy, Wong went against this trendy norm by capturing the essence that made the 60s so iconic in fashion. The perfect cut in the apparels accentuate the silhouette in all the right places.





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