How to Slay while Transitioning!

Okay Ladies now lets get in [hair] formation!!

Natural hair has been the new “it” in our community for a while now. Black queens are owning their wide range of curls/kinks from a 3A to a 4B, or even a mixture of different curl patterns. Many girls went straight from permed to natural by simply doing a big chop. While others, like you and me, have chosen to transition instead.

Hair transition from permed to natural isn’t the easiest phase a person can go through. While the first 3 months are fairly manageable because there isn’t a large amount of new hair growth, the following months can be quite hard and challenging. I know this for a fact, because I transitioned twice.

The main reason why transitioning is so demanding is because you have to take care of 2+ hair types: your natural curls/kinks and the permed ends. The permed ends are the most sensitive part of the hair. It can be damaged easily as it is the oldest part. As a consequence, they require a lot of attention. The new growth part, the natural part, is less likely to be a subject of breakage as long as it is well taken care of, heat isn’t often applied to it,  and the right products are used on it.

As a newbie, chances are, you are clueless and don’t know what to do with your hair. Now, this is the time you start thanking me because I am about to deliver the secret *drum roll* PROTECTIVE HAIRSTYLES. Down below, I listed the major steps that are necessary in order to successfully protect your hair while wearing a protective hairstyle. Following up, you will find the top protective hairstyles that have saved my life.

Step 1: Clean Hair: Whenever you are starting a new protective hairstyle, especially if you plan to wear it for a pretty long period of time, you want your hair to be clean in order to reduce the amount of residue that will remain on it. After washing it, you can either let it air dry or use a blow dryer on low heat. 

Step 2: The LOC Method: After your hair dried up, you should apply the LOC Method, which stands for Liquid (water based leave in conditioner), Oil (any that fits your needs) and Cream (or gel). 

** If by now, you are a bit overwhelmed and don’t know what hair brands or hair products to use, here are the ones that worked best for me

Shampoo + Conditionner

IMG_0272                    IMG_0275 (1)

Carol’s Daughters                          Camille Rose

Leave in Conditioner 

IMG_0274                IMG_0273 (1)

   Shea Moisture                                          Cantu    


Eco Styler Gel

Back to the protective hairstyles

1. Box BraidsThe most popular box braids are made using kanekalon hair ($1.99/pack). The braids take up to 8 hours to be achieved, depending on the size/length. They can last up to 3 months. Longer wearing period is not recommended for the health of your hair. 

*FullSizeRender (8)                        FullSizeRender (7)*

2. Twist: Twist is one of the most diversified hairstyle. One can get havana twist, regular twist, senegalese twist etc. They can be done using Marley hair ($5.99/pack) or kanekalon hair ($1.99/pack). They take approximately the same amount of time as box braids to be done, and it also depends on the size/length. They can last up to 3 months. 

*FullSizeRender (5)                               FullSizeRender (11)*

3. Faux LocksThese are one of the most time consuming braids to be done (8h +). However, they are also one of the safest. Which means that, it takes longer for the faux locks to become ugly than the other protective hairstyles. They can be achieved using yarn ($4.49/bundle), Marley hair ($5.99/pack) or kanekalon hair ($1.99/pack). They will definitely last 3 months.  

FullSizeRender (13)                    FullSizeRender (20)*

4. Crochet Braids: You can literally get any of the hairstyle listed above through a crochet braid. The pro: it will take less time to be done, the hairstyle will be less pricey, and the hair is usually reusable. Con: they won’t last as long as the original hairstyles. Other type of hairstyles can also be done through crochet:

FullSizeRender (14)                FullSizeRender (21)*

5. CornrowsPlease let Kim K know they are called cornrows and not boxer braids *face palm* They can be achieved using Marley hair ($5.99/pack) or kanekalon hair ($1.99/pack) depending on your hair texture. Also, depending on which kind of cornrows you would like to rock, they can last from 2 weeks to 3 months.  

*FullSizeRender (6)                 FullSizeRender (12)*   

6. Faux/Real BunsThe faux buns is quite of a fancy hairstyle. If you’re heading to a wedding, a dressed up girls night out or date and you don’t feel like wearing braids, it is a great option. Also, if you’re having a busy week or you’re running low on cash, it is an awesome option. They don’t take long to be achieved (30 mins max). Usually, one pack of hair should be more than enough, if not too much. Marley hair or kanekalon can be used, depending on your hair texture. 

                FullSizeRender (9)*

7. WigsLately, I have been a very lazy person, so wigs have been my best option. The price range varries from $25 to $200+. But do not sleep on the cheap, synthetic wigs. They may not last as long as the pricey ones, but they many of them are worth it. You can buy them at your local beauty supply store, at (***READ THE FEEDBACKS) or on some famous ig pages. 

  FullSizeRender (22)                    FullSizeRender (18)*

SN: The * next to the pictures contain the link that will take you to each of these beauties instagram’s personal page.        


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