Vanessa Garoute/Tania Chihimie

1-As a mother, what role does fashion play in your life?
I’m a woman first. So as a woman, first impression is everything. The time and care you take in yourself and in presenting yourself is a direct correlation to how you feel about yourself. We are women and represent love and life and all that is beautiful …

2-Have your tastes changed over the years?
Yes, I was well known for my mini’s in my twenties, my jeans in my thirties, my shoes in my forties. Every age has its appropriate attire.

3-You are a shoe queen, tell me one thing you look for before purchasing new shoes?
There isn’t one thing. The color, style of the heels have to scream at me.Or whisper lok. All depends on my mood etc. Its a very emotional thing for me.

4-Vanessa,Since you are also a beauty guru besides being a fashionista, what’s your favorite lipstick? And on which occasion do you wear it?
Sephora red lip stain is my go-to lippie. I wear it to clubs , parties, work, school bedtime , church, basically everywhere

5- Besides Kim Kardashian, who else is your style icon?
I would say my mom, of course, But as for celebrities, Kylie Jenner and Rihanna. I love how daring and reckless they are.
Tania: *tacky you mean!

6-Tania, Vanessa consider you as her style icon. Does the icon sometimes take notes from her daughter as well?
For sure! I was clueless on powers of concealer and contouring. Vanessa enlightened me on so many things.

7- Vanessa, has your mom ever put you on blast on social media for stealing her clothes?
Yes, all the time but not for”stealing”, it’s more about “borrowing and forgetting to ask”. My sister Niska is very good at this as well

8-What color do you think looks great on your mom and how does it complement her?
My mom looks good in anything to be honest, but white is the most glamorous to me. Since she’s always glowing, the white just makes her look like a goddess. And I’d have to say her wardrobe is mostly white

9-Tania, what is your most valuable pair of shoes?
I would go for Louboutin lady daffodiles in yellow sequins.

10- Do you think it is important, especially for women to be well put together as in wear fashionable clothes?
Definitely, I love women who care about how they look and invest in themselves at any level. I don’t care if its 100 or 1000 u must invest in yourself

11-Vanessa, have you ever felt uncomfortable wearing a certain type of clothing one day? Was it too risky or a fashion faux-pas?
Definitely! Especially to my family members. I’m not perfect. But I try to work with whatever I wear. And I like to take risks

12- You have traveled overseas before (Dubai, Paris, etc…) Name some great stores to go shopping in these areas.
I’ll shop anywhere. So even when I was in Dubai and Paris, I was still going to forever 21 and urban outfitters! But the souks in Dubai are definitely an experience. I brought many souvenirs back from the souks in Dubai.

14- Besides being fashionably connected, what other connections do you guys share?
We have similar senses of humor. We’re very funny people and pretty intellectual and nonathletic like my other siblings. Food is our passion.

15-Tania as a mother and having most of your kids away from home,how do you cope with that?
I don’t! Need some of them around all the time. Can’t spend a month without seeing someone I have baby with me but i send for one or the other of big ones all the time To Miami or Haiti or wherever I am. This month Vanessa and her sister are graduating college. So I go to NY on friday

Congratulations Vanessa! Wow such great achievement.. Are you ready to send them to the real word?
-Yes !! Bye !! Later !! Hasta la vista !!#byefelicia
-Lol thanks ladies.

16-Vanessa, what have you acquired from your mom that makes you ready for the world ahead?
My mother’s drive, strength and ambition are what I wish to gain from her, to take on the real world.

17- Since you and Niska’s styles are very different, Do you guys share clothes?Or anything common when it comes to fashion?
Niska and I share clothes all the time!

18-Do you think Haiti has evolved when it comes to fashion?
That brings out two problems. Shopping and people’s styles; I can tell u that I shop almost exclusively in Haiti. I find brands I love at reasonable prices, except for shoes and bags and Zara run for cute trendy and more affordable pieces.The Haitian girls however tend to wear “uniforms” same hairstyles, same clothes, very few are original.

19-Nowadays we see on social media, people tend to think that wearing expensive brands from head to toe means they are stylish. Do you guys agree?
Absolutely not! I like anything well made. You can’t beat quality for sure but i can rock a 10 ????outfit better than anyone. And although I’m fickle about shoes….Zara shoes are my go-to for everyday trendy

20- Usually people think that when they become mothers, it’s all about the kids (all about the motherhood). However for yourself you are always well dressed, hair done, and everything. What advice would you give to mothers who think like that?
I’m all about my kids. They are my life my raison d’être. Their well-being comes before mine, always, for the last 23 yrs ever since I became a mom. However, since I love myself, I decided to work harder and struggled for more so I can do the extras for myself. I abhor seeing well dressed women and neglected children. I cannot function that way. Kid’s health, well-being and education first, then all the extras for me . Just because I can. I couldn’t always afford new season louboutins, so i bought at outlets???? cheaper. You have to keep your priorities straight. Put God, first, always and continue to set your goals high. There isn’t anything you cannot achieve.

21-Vanessa Grad is approaching, are you freaking out? What are your plans after graduation?
Yes, I’m freaking out! I’m trying to learn to stay calm and take it in one day at a time. Because everything will surely fall in place. I’ll be staying in New York for my sisters grad then going to Haiti for my baby sisters communion. And then working. Thank you!!!!


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