Wig Addict

We’re bringing to you the idea of wigs. Wigs can be fun! You wake up in the morning, your hair is not cooperating, guess what? You can just pop a wig onto your head and leave all glam’d up! Wigs can make you enjoy the fun of having limitless hair styling options. It’s like dress up for hair! I can clearly see myself becoming that famous aunt that everybody has that can rock any hairstyle.

Natural looking synthetic hair wigs can be the perfect addition to your everyday accessorizing needs, especially if you’re transitioning. They are way easier to style and way cheaper compared to human hair wigs and you can get rid of them without worrying about the $400.00 you wasted. I know most women are afraid to wear wigs because they have a specific idea of what a wig should look like on other women. But it’s not necessarily true. You just have to make it look as natural as you can. Style it! Be creative! Who wants to wear a wig that people can see from two miles away? The key to an even more natural look than usual is to do your baby hairs! I don’t really recommend any one brand over the other. But, remember that when you buy a wig you get what you pay for. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take care of the wig to make it last as long as possible. You can’t use oils on synthetic wigs. If you want to wash it, I do not recommend to immerse your wig completely with water. It’s best to mix water and conditioner in a spray bottle and use it on the hair while detangling it with fingers (article coming soon).


Quick Wig Review

After scouring the web for a good natural looking, I’ve stumbled across interesting ones on Ebay. If you didn’t know about the VANESSA EXPRESS HALF WIGS or the OUTRE PENNY HALF WIGS , then you’re in for a great time. They look gorgeous and only cost $20. Curly wigs have always been my favorite, as I like them to look natural. These wigs look just like natural hair. They’re wavy/curly type of wigs as shown in the pictures. As you can see, the hair is already layered. Although they look full, they are extremely light which make them easier to style.

As you will notice below, the Outre penny (dominican curly) is shorter than the Vanessa  Express (las mogan) and fuller. It’s easier to style because it covers and blends better with the hairline, since you’re supposed to leave a little bit of your real hair out in the front. 

Click on pictures to see the name of the wig styled.

1) The middle part

“It’s a classic”. You may use the tip of a rattail comb  or use your finger (whichever works for you) to divide the hair in the middle. Let’s go look for that comb, shall we?

2) The side part

“The timeless hairstyle” With the same rattail comb, part most of your hair on one side or use your fingers. Be very gentle when detangling the strands of hair to avoid frizz.

3) The messy bun

Flip your hair upside down. Tie it with a ribbon (I avoid using hair ties because they create frizz ). Divide the hair in 3 sections and attach each with bobby pins. Make sure they’re secure because we don’t want it to fall and reveal our little secret.


4) The half up, half down bun

It’s back in style but smaller. Master the half bun by separating the top half of your hair from the bottom half. Tie with a ribbon as usual to avoid frizzy hair. Fluff the back to add more volume. And, that’s it! (The Vanessa Express does not look good in this style )

5) The side bun

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Use the same technique to part in the middle and secure your hair on one side. When finished, take out two strands of hair in the front. You’re good to go!


6) The “faux-bangs”


If you’re the type of person who likes hair on their face or to cover their forehead, I’ve come to your rescue. And no leave-out! Take a little section of hair in the front. Act as if you were going to flatten it down in the back, secure with pins and flip it back on your forehead. And, there you have your faux-bangs without even cutting anything.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and different styles to spice it up a bit! Imagine being a different person every day just by wearing wigs! Isn’t that exciting?

Long live Your Wig!



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