Here’s to our many more upcoming lookbooks on Toast To A Good life! Hello dahlings, Yane’s here with your favorite seasonal and sometimes occasional rubric of Style With Yane. Our model for this fall is our very own DIY Queen, Karhomy. We went shopping in her closet and I had fun putting together those four versatile looks you could rock during fall. Since I’m always in Downtown Brooklyn shopping, wandering around its aesthetic architecture, filming the lookbook there fits perfectly.

Look 1
Fall, Fall dahling… A fine line between spring and summer where it’s not too cold yet not too warm. For a polished chic look, style your shift dress with a fedora hat to accentuate and brings character to the sophistication of the outfit. And if you feel like it, do not hesitate to throw on a pair of black tights.



Look 2
And yes, I’m one of those people you’re probably side eyeing in the streets after being spotted rocking a pair of distressed jeans during fall or winter. Well winter not so much, since I’m from the Caribbean I won’t ever get to this level of comfort. Other than spring and summer, I stretched wearing my distressed during the fall season until it gets really cold. However by adding a little details, fishnets! Although it is not shown below but fishnets bring really a nice touch.




Look 3
This look was inspired by Whitley Gilbert after weeks of binge-watching A Different World on Netflix. I was very intrigued on how elegance and casual combined could bring such refine outcome. Accessorizing a plain black t-shirt, military green jacket, a pair of jeans and black booties with some pearls is nothing but a CLASSIC! I absolutely had to recreate this iconic outfit.


Look 4
When I first saw these open toes knee high boots on Kim Kardashian during Paris Fashion Week, I immediately looked all over the internet to get the deets on her shoes. Turned out they were Givenchy and that’s when reality hits; just a broke college student with expensive taste. Fast forward to a year later, Kanye recreated the same style but this time around the fabric was knitted and not in leather like Givenchy’s. And bam! the knockoffs were all over instagram for as low as 50 bucks. These boots are definitely a staple in my wardrobe.

Have you subscribed yet to our Youtube Channel? IF not don’t forget to do it and gives us a thumbs up once you have clicked on the following link to check out more looks we have featured for this lookbook on our latest Style With Yane video (We also tagged the deets on each outfit)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvaWRMFukgU 


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