I wish Christmas was as long as Summer, because time flies by way too fast! When other people wait all year long for a never ending summer, I get overly excited every time I shamelessly play my favorite Christmas songs. Overly as in pouring a glass of wine and dancing in the middle of the room like I was in a Disney movie.

Christmas in New York is magical, fun, exciting and all, from what I’ve heard in movies and seen on the internet, well indeed! Until you step outside and that harsh wind disrespectfully blows in your face with all its strength! Dahling, I’m an Island gyal I will never get use to this weather. It’s way too cold outside baby, it’s time to pack and catch the next flight.

Fruit punch in one hand, laying on a beach chair getting back from the sun that melanin the snow had stolen, while listening to some troubadour…where is she, Yane? Well dahling that’s a secret I will tell. I am home, and how I’ve missed you Haiti!

After weeks of partying nonstop, it was only right to step away for a bit from all the festivities in Port-Au-Prince. Before boarding the boat, let’s have a toast to such great holidays with some coconut water!
Coconut in hands, camera ready, speed awaiting...let the adventures begin!
Coconut in hands, camera ready, speed awaiting…let the adventures begin!

Party, eat, and repeat, no time to sleep! I was home for two weeks and a half, so I had so much to do in so little time that sleep was basically a waste of time. Since I’m not a coffee lover I don’t know how I was so full of life by running only on five hours of sleep everyday! Sometimes it was only two, dear Lord where is this Flore-Yanha during final week! We hopped in the bus blasting some reggae, direction Petit-Goave for some well needed relaxation time away from the bustle in Port-Au-Prince.

While other people around that time of the year were headed North to enjoy some of well-known private beaches, we decided to head South to explore the few other options we had. My oh my! Not only did we we have the beach to ourselves (Hello mini photoshoot with no one around to photo bomb) Haiti reminded us as well why she was once called “La Perle des Antilles”
New York, what's good!
New York, what’s good!
Caribbean girls run it, ask Riri!
“Men manje a wi!” (Food’s here) I instantly opened my eyes from that nap and forgot about the sleepless night that I had the day from partying the day before. Grilled fish, plaintains, pikliz, and fried breadfruit were delicious.

After we ate, had fun, took at least hundred of pictures, (oh and I had to take a nap because my body was literally shutting down), the fun was still not over yet! Our captain was ready to take us on the second island for the day. I can’t believe I lived fourteen years in Haiti and missed out on so much beauty!

After spending quite some time on Bananier beach, we hoped back on our boats to discover the other beauty that is approximately fifteen minutes. Blasting some konpa while sipping some Moet... can't get any better than this.
After spending quite some time on Bananier beach, we hoped back on our boats to discover the other beauty that is approximately fifteen minutes. Blasting some konpa while sipping some Moet… can’t get any better than this.
Picture perfect.
Picture perfect.

Would you believe me if I told you that this entire trip started off very badly? After that plane finally landed in Port-Au-Prince and I was making my way to the baggage claim area all happy because I knew the slayage I had planned was REAL, well I realized that my carry-on didn’t make it to the destination as it was still in the U.S!! I LOST IT at the airport, I broke down crying because everything was ruined. I sorted out all my killer outfits and shoes inside of that carry-on, what do you mean Ma’am you cannot track my *beep* bag? I’m paying American Airlines all this money just so they can lose my *beep*!
I wanted to stay home during my trip because I would rather die than letting people catch me slacking! If I’m not well dressed best believe I won’t have a good time either. I remained confident that I would eventually find the bag as the staff at the airport reassured me and also the parties that I was interested in going were two days away so I was hopeful… Long story short, I found the bag once I got back to the states, luckily the most important outfit which I wore on Christmas Eve was in my other bag and my cousin (who is literally my guardian angel) let me shopped in her closet.

Tastes are just like fine wine... the older I get more the more refined they get.
Tastes are just like fine wine… the older I get more the more refined they get.
Glamorously lost touch with simplicity.
Glamorously lost touch with simplicity.

Sadly these two are the only pictures that I have from this trip. I never had the time to take any picture before heading out since I always finish getting ready in the car (I seriously don’t know how they expect me to get ready in less than two hours). Only my snapchat family had the opportunity to see all of my outfits. But oh well, last minute or not we always slay dahling!

Since I wasn’t the only one living it up in Haiti, here are some pictures that Karhomy, our DIY queen took that I would like to share as well.

This was the best Christmas break ever, too bad I can’t share all of the explicit details with you my dahlings. The fact that I wanted to stay home and miss out on all these memories… moral of the story? Life surely gave me lemon, lemon that I enjoyed with my b!


5 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS IN HAITI

  1. I can totally relate to everything on this post! To the lost luggages, the nonstop partying, and the private beach (looks like kokoye or bananier). I also spent christmas in Haiti last year, I wonder if we crossed paths lol. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog. I nominated you for the Liebster award!
    click on the following link to learn more about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG! I’ve been obsessed with you (in a healthy way) way before I started Toast . Those words mean so much to me especially coming from you! You’re legit one of my fav bloggers. Thank you so much for your kind words❤


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