Fashion Week

I was so excited when the invites to fashion week started to pour in my inbox mid august, until I remembered my school schedule for the fall semester! The gap in between classes is so little that I barely find the time to even grab a bite before my next class starts. So the possibility of going to the city for a show and making it back to campus before my next class was out of the equation because time was certainly not in my favor. It seemed to be so simple though on TV, how did they manage? Oh well! Therefore I had no choice but to narrow it down to only two days, Friday and Sunday! On both days I was invited to at least six shows per day, which was marvelous because I wouldn’t miss out on so much.

Day one went accordingly! It was the same old routine of rushing between venues to make it on time for different shows, meeting other people in the same industry, falling in love with upcoming designers whose collections amazed me on the runway, etcetera etcetera. Although all together fashion week is tiring and time consuming but the fact of befriending people who have the same interests as you, being mesmerized by some designers showcasing their talent make it all worth it and meaningful.

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Processed with VSCO with  preset

Everything was going as planned until Sunday morning when I got home from the airport and spent the whole day in bed… Tragic!


Since my sister was in town this summer but had to leave a week before my birthday, I decided to have a pre-birthday celebration with her. I wanted to spend the day doing what I love best; wander through the streets of Manhattan, shop, and drink cocktails in chic restaurants.

First stop was 5th ave, Henri Bendel! After spending so much time binge-watching Gossip Girl over spring, I fell in love all over again with some of the designers that graced the show with their fab pieces. And if you too, are a fan of Gossip Girl you’d know that Blair swore by Henri Bendel. Her outstanding Bendel bag collection was so prestigious that I had to get me one. And what better occasion than my 22nd birthday? Oh dahlings, it was definitely happening!

Then we head to While we are young, an aesthetically pleasing chic restaurant in West Village for lunch. Heaven on Earth has got to be that Waffle & Chicken I slowly devoured with love. Even my damn drink, named after the restaurant gave me goosebumps! With so many options in the gastronomy world, I know it’s nearly impossible to have a favorite restaurant in NY. But I beg to differ…

It was then time for the third part on the agenda, wandering through the streets of Manhattan. The best thing ever happened along the way, we found a group of jazz musicians playing some joyful tunes and I absolutely had to stop to show off my dance skills! oh dahlings, we had so much fun. We decided to continue with our promenade and used as guidance the World Trade Center skyline. We arrived at our destination after an hour walk! We didn’t even notice we were walking for that long because we were having so much fun. We did in fact stop along the way for sushi and pizza in Soho. What a fun night twas!

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After so many failed attempts of planning a birthday trip, I decided two days before my birthday to book a flight to MTL. “24hr in MTL, are you crazy? That’s not enough time to explore the city” was pretty much the reaction I got out of everyone. But I couldn’t spend the whole weekend there, what about fashion week? The point was to do something fun and memorable for my 22nd and to me, this was perfect!

First of all, I was not expecting the airplane to be that small. When we were boarding, my heart dropped when I saw the size of that engine and all type of freaky accident scenes came to mind. I did what someone who has a phobia of heights would do, sleep throughout the whole flight. I landed around 9 am and by 12 we were already at Universel for my birthday brunch stuffing ourselves.

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Okay, I definitely recommend this restaurant for brunch. I’m still upset at the fact that I couldn’t finish this delicious plate.

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I had high expectations for this poutine and every one of them was met!

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After such a fun day exploring with my cousin, it was time to head back home and get ready for my birthday dinner at la Queue de Cheval . Although I was two hours fashionably late to dinner, it was marvelous! (my apologies to Charles and Cassy, I swear I’m working on my time management *Evil laughs*) And the staff was so charming that it made my night 10x more pleasant. Et la cerise sur le gateau… we ended up at Bord’Elle!

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I can’t believe I really thought I’d be able to run on only four hours of sleep for four consecutive days… (You’re getting older Yanha, not younger!)

I precisely booked an early return flight so that I could make it to my 10 am show and planned to get some rest on the plane from all my Shenanigans. I, in fact did get some rest on the plane however as soon as my body reached the backseat of that uber, it instantly shut down. And from this moment I knew my second day at NYFW was canceled.

But oh well, cheers to being 22 for the next ten years!!!




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