Hello dahlings!

My name is Flore-Yanha Thervil, I am a twenty something year-old fancy on a budget gal that will be reporting to you the things that fascinate me with the most exciting city in the world, New York!

When I’m not writing articles on my style recap in a Carrie Bradshaw’s style, or vlog about the things I’m too lazy to write about, I intend to obtain a bachelor degree in dentistry.

And I also share on the website some amazing articles on various topics from my girl friends that hopefully you dahlings will find helpful! keep scrolling for a little introduction from them…

With that being said, I make a toast to the most delicious pizza that I’ve had so far in Downtown Brooklyn. The endless style inspiration I soak in wandering in the streets of Harlem. The fab rendez-vous at the MET falling in love with newly discovered painters, nights out in Times Square, shopping spree in Soho, and much more. In a few words, cheers to a lifestyle that I am finally pleased with.

What are you making a toast to dahlings?




Hello there,

Toast To A Good Life transfers knowledge, ideas & experiences about diverse subjects that can be useful & please our readers along the way. When it comes to character, who’s hiding behind the curtain?

My name is Cassy Charles, a young college student in her twenties looking forward to be a Software Engineer! A student by day, an artist by night with pretty decent drawing skills.

I’m the beauty & copy editor of Toast To A Good Life. We’re so excited to build a relationship with you! Stay tuned!
Xoxo, Cupcakes




Hello beauty lovers,
As many of you could have noticed while cruising through the blog, Toast To A Good Life is very diverse. We go from interviews with makeup artists to intense talk about fashion. We’ll also stop here and there to introduce you to the most imminent local artists of the moment, and talk about where you should take your next brunch or lunch. And we don’t stop there, we will advice you on skin care and even hook you up on a few “dupes” for High-End Brands.
My name is Karomy Louis-Charles, I have been 18 years old for a few years now. Apart from being a hair and makeup guru who loves to draw, I am a neuroscience major at Stony Brook University. As a “potpourri” type of person, my contribution here will mostly focus on natural and transitioning hair care.
See you soon beautiful!!